Ben Banogu Womens Jersey  Reading Head Start By Sarah Shepard - A Revolutionary System

Reading Head Start By Sarah Shepard – A Revolutionary System

Reading head start is a program designed specially for kids aged 12 months to nine years to provide them a start  on reading or to assist them capture as much as or even surpass their mates.

What Really is Reading Head Start All About?

Reading Head Start is not like an ordinary reading program. It is a award-winning, certified program designed by an educator Sarah Shepard. It is one of the top kid-loved reading program that works for every one. By using the online platform, one can learn how to become the ultimate teacher, so that your kid could become a brilliant student.

With four levels  in total, children of all ages can benefit from it. With ten weeks of lessons in each level, your kid will benefit from more than thousands of reading hours. Education is the key to success and by motivating kids to start reading habit as early as possible, they can develop key life skills that will promote their long-term growth. Sarah Shepard is now helping thousands of children in improving their reading skills and supporting their success in future.


  • A lot of great lessons in a single, binding learning plans
  • A great method for teaching phonemes, using exercises any one can’t expect
  • It works really fast, and both of you and your child can feel the results instantly. 
  • Some of these illustrations are designed for small groups, though you can do any of them one-on-one. 


  • Lack of personalization, though you can jump across lessons on your own if you feel your child needs to follow his own pace.
  • There’s no assessment to help you figure out where your child should start.
  • It’s also hard to keep track of your own progress. 

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